Performance Anxiety

Different people respond differently to stress as we all know. Some thrive while others worry, deflate… One thing we all have in common however, is the we all need to breath to stay alive. As simple as it may sound, ‘don’t forget to breath’! You have probably heard it from lots of people. Here are a few tips that have worked for me under pressure:

1. Breathe regularly while playing piano
2. Breathe deeply (use your diaphragm)
3. Cycle a pleasant scenario of your piano performance in you mind (example, you enjoying yourself as well as the audience)
4. Rehearse effectively for your performance by mentally placing yourself on stage while following the routine above.(Great confidence builder when time comes for the real thing!)
5. Relax and feed off your own positive energy at least until the audience gets into it. The mind responds very positively as well to self-validation.

An audience is likely to get more enjoyment out of your performance if they see you are fully engrossed in your piano playing swinging. And even if they do not , you know you had a blast!

When you practice piano, don’t just practice the music, practice your state of mind. Always practice in a mode where you can be completely focused, relaxed, and aware of what you’re playing and what comes next. You don’t want to practice panic.



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