Wise Quotes

“The mind wanders here and there.
It’s thoughts are persuasive.
It’s ramblings seem impressive.
But when one’s mind becomes still, ah, then the music begins!”

“Our only defense in this world, which features seemingly random barriers and cruelties is to develop self love and determination from within. This is difficult, to be sure, but possible to the one who earnestly seeks it. If one practices without the mania of needing to be good, but with patience and a self love that’s not dependent on how good you play, one can steadily upgrade their playing in all areas.
Enjoy the progress but never forget to enjoy your playing now. Don’t hold your joy hostage to future growth.”

Kenny Werner – pianist

Relaxed Playing

If you are not using the proper technique you will get sore. The entire playing mechanism which includes the wrists, forearms, elbows and the shoulders should be relaxed. It should never be tense. How do you relax while playing a difficult piece in mind,say a Liszt Etude?
One answer to that would be a sigh. Yes,a sigh. A sigh effectively relaxes muscles and reduces tension in areas where you might not even realize you are tensing.

: Piano Lessons in Berkeley (East Bay)